Project Description

Microsoft Excel remains one of the most powerful and advanced business tool as it is widely used by individuals and corporate to manage and analyze their data. It isn’t surprising how Excel has been dominating the spreadsheet product industry with a share of more than 90%. Businesses have relied on Excel to improve the productivity level of employees. Microsoft Excel is everywhere in any professional & business environment, and advanced Excel skills are welcome in almost everywhere.

As one of the most used reporting and analytics tools today, Microsoft Excel is a mandatory skill that employees should have. Today Excel is a must know tool for any job. It is no wonder that companies demand that their employees must learn Excel so that they can stay competitive. These days, any designation requires that you work with data.

Learning Excel in a proper, structured way can not only help you save time, but it will also help you become better at your job and can give you time to focus on things that matter. Microsoft Excel Masterclass is the most preferred choice for everybody looking to grow and survive in the industry.

This course is designed by Mr. Vivekananda Sinha based on his 15+ Years of experience in Microsoft Excel Reporting, Data Analysis & Automation. This course is highly beneficial from freshers to professional who are looking for great career in analytics. Aspirants who want to start with a great profile such as Reporting Analyst, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, Business Analyst as a fresher this course is highly recommended.

Learn Excel Core Capabilities

This course will focus into all the core areas of Microsoft Excel. From getting raw data to data analysis and finally enabling decisions. We have categorized the entire process into 6 core activities.

Data Consolidation

This is one of the most demanding skills in the industry now a days. Excel offers flexible consolidation options depending upon the scenario. This course gives you in-depth knowledge of consolidating data in Excel.

Create MIS Reports

Excel is the industry leader when it comes to MIS Reporting. Creating awesome reports in Excel is quiet interesting. The thing is to know the perfect way. You will learn to create professional MIS reports in Excel.

Data Analysis

Once you have created reports, the next is to analyze the data and extract meaningful business information. Excel offers you tons of tools for data analysis. This course will develop your data analysis skills.

Dynamic Dashboard

Excel reports are incomplete without dashboards. Developing dashboards in Excel is quiet interesting. This will make you a rock-star in office. This course will guide you to create stunning dashboards.

Report Automation

Automation industry is booming. We has to upgrade from manual to automated reporting. The thing is to know the appropriate skills. This course will train you to automate Excel reports and dashboards.

Decision Making

Eventually, every data has to be transformed into a right decision. Excel has its powerful What-If Analysis tools that will helps you to take right decision. You will learn to take the data enabled decisions.

  • Microsoft Excel Version History
  • Version wise Features Comparison
  • Advantages of Microsoft Excel
  • Quick facts and figures about Microsoft Excel
  • What’s new in Microsoft Excel
  • Portability features with earlier versions
  • Application Areas of Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel and Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel and BIG Data
  • Excel Beyond Excel
  • Understanding Excel Navigation System
  • Transformation from Menus to Ribbon
  • Overview of Ribbon, Groups & Tabs
  • Customizing Excel Ribbon
  • Importing and Exporting Customization Settings
  • Understanding Contextual Tabs
  • Overview of Quick Access Toolbars
  • Adding and Removing tools from Quick Access Toolbar
  • Navigating Back Stage View
  • Understanding Modules of Back Stage View
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Format Cell Basics
  • Navigating Format Cells Dialog Box
  • Understanding Excel Data Types
  • Understanding Custom Formatting
  • Transformation from Data Type to Custom
  • Creating Custom Date Formatting
  • Creating Custom Time Formatting
  • Creating Custom Number Formatting
  • Creating Custom Text Formatting
  • Conditional Custom Formatting
  • Custom Color Formatting
  • Format Cells to multiple places
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Cell Formatting
  • A walkthrough to Formatting Options in Home Tab
  • Custom Formatting Advance Options
  • Working with Paste Special – Magical
  • Splitting Data using Text to Columns
  • Sorting Data with Basic & Custom Options
  • Working with Excel Comments
  • Working with Goto Options – Magical
  • Working with Freeze Panes
  • Working with Group & Outline
  • Working with Subtotal
  • Understanding Lock & Protect
  • Protecting a Selected Range
  • Protecting an Entire Sheet
  • Protection Dialog Box Options
  • Allow users to edit Range
  • Protecting Workbook Structure
  • Full Protection of Workbook
  • Partial Protection of Workbook
  • Working on Excel Data Backup
  • Hide & Show Rows
  • Hide & Show Columns
  • Hide & Show Sheets
  • Hide & Show Headers
  • Hide & Show Sheet Tabs
  • Hide & Show Gridlines
  • Hide & Show Formula Bar
  • Hide & Show Scrollbars
  • Hide & Show Cell Content
  • Hide & Show Formulas
  • Introduction to Cell Referencing
  • Importance of Cell Referencing
  • Understanding Referencing Shortcut
  • Understanding Relative Referencing
  • Understanding Absolute Referencing
  • Understanding Mixed Referencing
  • Common challenges while using Referencing
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